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MIL-SPEC-PRF-22191F Type 2 Class 2


MIL-PRF-22191F Type II Class 2 is a transparent, heat-sealable material that is intended for use with items that don't require a high degree of moisture protection. It features a PET / PE layered structure. Our bags are converted in accordance with MIL-DTL-117.

(Excerpt from the MIL-PRF-22191F specification.) 

Intended use – The barrier materials covered by this specification are intended for use in specialized military methods of preservation. The combination of all performance characteristics of MIL-PRF-22191; water vapor transmission rate; transparency; contact corrosivity; storage stability; seam strength and fabrication; puncture, aging, blocking, and curl resistance; delamination; waterproofness; water resistance of markings provide the necessary requirements for protection from exposure to the extremes of the navy/naval aviation environment. Navy/naval aviation items are exposed to high moisture, high salt concentration, transfer at sea, rough handling, and minimal storage conditions. There are no commercial equivalents that meet the physical, mechanical, and corrosion requirements necessary to protect materiel that is exposed to the operational naval aviation environment. Specifically, Methods of Preservation 31, 32, 33, 41 and 51 of MIL-STD-2073-1 use MIL-PRF-22191 as the premier source of barrier materials that are transparent and provide waterproof and watervaporproof (and watervaporproof with desiccant) protection for applicable items encountering the above conditions. MIL-PRF-22191 provides the building blocks for applying specialized military preservation techniques approved under MIL-STD-2073-1.


- Ideal for packaging of PCB's and IC's
- Extremely durable buried metal construction give Faraday Cage performance needed to shield against static charges.
- Available with zipper closures.
- Contains no amines or amides, is N-Octanoic acid free and is polycarbonate compatible.
- Custom printing and thermal transfer are available.
- Side gussett, bottom gussett, and T-Seal bag configurations.