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Many electronic components can suffer damage if exposed to electrostatic discharge (ESD) or moisture. This damage can impair their function immediately or lead to failure later in the device's life. 

To protect electronic components during transport and storage, it's important to choose packaging that will keep contents safe, dry and shielded from static discharge. 

At Caltex Plastics, we provide low moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) packaging for a variety of unique applications. Our bags provide reliable protection for ESD sensitive components, such as:

  • Chip rails
  • Chip reels
  • Chip trays
  • Disk caddies
  • Disk drives

Read on to learn more about the three moisture barrier packaging materials we offer.


CALDRY 100 is a cost-effective packaging material that provides protection from moisture, static fields and tribocharging. Bags made out of CALDRY 100 feature static dissipating inner and outer surfaces, low outgassing properties and good puncture resistance, making this material suitable for vacuum packaging. 

We offer nylon CALDRY 100 ESD barrier bags in class 100 clean as well as zipper, side and bottom gusset configurations to meet our customers' needs. These bags have a 3.6-mil thick multi-layer construction perfect for packaging SMDs in trays, chip rails, disk caddies and other ESD sensitive electronic components.


CALDRY 1500 is a 7-mil thick composite material designed specifically for vacuum packing ESD and moisture sensitive components. It provides full protection against ESD, EMI/RFI and tribocharging and has an excellent moisture barrier that outperforms foil laminates, especially after flexing.

In addition, CALDRY 1500 packaging has an impressive 33-pound puncture resistance, making it the ideal material for vacuum packaging trays, reels and tubes with sharp edges.

CALDRY 1500 is ANSI/ESD S20.20 program compliant, so you can feel comfortable choosing this material to guard your products.


For difficult vacuum packaging applications, CALDRY VF 125 provides a solution. This opaque aluminum foil structure features excellent puncture resistance, low MVTR, shielding from ESD and EMI/RFI and a strong seal to eliminate leaks.

Because CALDRY VF 125 includes a strong interior sealing film, it's ideal for use with components that are difficult to vacuum pack without leaks, including SMD tape and reel, quad flat packs and JDEC trays.

Like all our moisture barrier packaging options, our CALDRY VF 125 barrier bags come date and lot coded for easy tracing and are available in class 100 clean.