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For any business that manufactures, distributes or ships products intended for use by military or federal agencies, making use of the right packaging materials is critical. In fact, military specifications extend far beyond establishing expectations as to which parts and components may be utilized — they also set out standards as to which materials must be used for packaging.


Organizations and contractors supplying the military need to know which packaging materials can be used to protect items from contamination and possible damage from environmental conditions such as water, vapors and salt. Several forms of heat-sealable bags are qualified as meeting military specifications. One of these types of packaging materials is MIL-PRF-22191F, which is known for its low moisture vapor transmission rate, or MVTR.


MIL-PRF-22191F is a MIL-SPEC-approved transparent material that can be heat sealed. It provides protection against water, water vapor and grease. In the harsh environments associated with military use, MIL-PRF-22191F is often used as a packaging material for machine parts, aircraft parts and components that are susceptible to corrosion.

At Caltex Plastics, we stock several MIL-PRF-22191F products, including bags, rollstock and tubing. We carry MIL-PRF-22191F in both Type I Class 1 and Type II Class 2 forms. Further information on each type follows, and if you have any questions on which type is right for your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience.

  • MIL-PRF-22191F Type I Class 1: This transparent material is heat-sealable and provides a low MVTR, making it an ideal packaging choice for products that are susceptible to corrosion. Its construction is based on a Polymer / PE / PET / PE layered design. All of our bags made from this material are constructed in full compliance with MIL-DTL-117.
  • MIL-SPEC-PRF-22191F Type 2 Class 2: Packaging in the form of vapor-proof MIL-SPEC-PRF Type II Class 2 bags offers an economical heat-sealable, transparent option for items that don’t require the highest degree of protection from moisture. The material’s construction is based on a PET / PE layered design. Bags made from this material are fully constructed with MIL-DTL-117 compliance in mind.

Both types of MIL-SPEC-PRF-22191F have barrier material characteristics that make them ideal for naval and naval aviation applications where challenges such as high salt, moisture and rough handling are regular occurrences. In addition, MIL-SPEC-PRF-22191F exhibits very good seam strength and is resistant to aging, punctures and tears.



The Department of Defense — or DoD — issues a set of standards known as the MIL-STD to ensure that materials for military use are reliable and safe. It also issues further specifications known as MIL-SPEC that detail the requirements for items and packaging for military and federal use. Since 2001, MIL-SPEC-DTL 117 sets out the standards for the types of packaging and shipping materials approved for use by military contractors and related manufacturers.